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The only time all year the septic system in America overlows is during the Super Bowl Halftime Show is an example of causation:



Before going into detail on exactly what these two concepts are and how they relate to each other, here are the definitions that were givin in the back of our text book:

Correlation -- A systematic and dependable association between two sets of data (two kinds of events); does not neccesarily indicate causation.

Causation -- A relationship in which the occurrence of one or more events brings about another event.

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These two comics are poking fun at the inverse of the causation. For example, PJ thinks that the light is the cause of the turbulence, where the true causation is the other way around.

A good example of correlation is with the superbowl and the septic tanks overflowing. The corralation is that the data lines up, septic tanks over flow during half time of the superbowl. BUT a bunch of people playing football and people singing and playing music on the field does NOT cause septic tanks to overflow. In fact, it doesn't have anything to do with toilets! The correlation is that the superbowl is the most watched tv program in america, and the time at which the septic tanks overflow is during half time, because basically half of the united states is going to the bathroom at the same time.

To sum things up, correlation is when two sets of data (or two events) associate with each other, and causation is when one event CAUSES another event.

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The answer to the question is B. False.